• Care for the details
  • Quality control
  • Time delivery
  • Support in the product creation

Skilled staff in synergy with manufacturing machineries is at the core of the shoe production process.

Involving experienced people in the management of the production process is of paramount importance for obtaining a perfect final result.

No mistake is allowed at the end of the production procedure.

The factory way of working is based on true passion and careful quality control for each manufacture step, from the sketch on paper to the packaging before shipping.

Each member of the team has the ability of working together, contributing to the creation of such a valuable chain, following defined project scheduling and getting results of excellent quality.

The entire process is made of several phases, each of them being perfectly connected with the others: this is the heart of the production, and has a primary role in supporting the well known name of the shoe factory

video production

The production in the shoe factory Corrado Maretto

The production of a shoe